Jul 18, 2010

my 98% essay.

Ok, I am so busy doing my research and I got no blog posts for many days now so I decided top post my essay where I got  a grade of 98%. I honestly think I don’t deserve it, but you be the judge. And if my teacher read this I hope she doesn’t take back the grade!

I Think, Therefore I am

For me, life is the universe’s greatest miracle. So it is just reasonable that I think that life is so important, that is why I need to think clearly on the decisions I make. But when you think of it, picking the right decisions seem really hard. In most cases, if the wrong decision was made, it can be really disastrous. So how can I keep up with life? How do I deal with my everyday decisions?

Well, first, I take all of the decisions I make logically. It will not make sense if I make it out of order or in the sense, lack of reason. For example, it is just right to choose the cheapest cable TV provider if I am on a low budget. Or if I am really broke, it is just right to cancel my subscription into it and stick to antenna, or do not watch TV at all. Choosing the most expensive cable TV provider when I do not have money, well, that just does not make any sense.

Next, I make sure that all my decisions were made thoroughly. I try to avoid any premature assumptions. I make sure all of the options, and ideas were all thought through. I try to look at further evidence, or conduct some testing first before I conclude anything. For example, if someone said something bad about one of my friends, I should ask my friend about it, and find out if it is really true or not before believing in it. This method is also widely used in our justice system, schools, and especially with scientific experiments. I mean, can you imagine scientists just concluding things without having some tests?

The last thing I do with my decisions is that I doubt and I try to reconsider. Once you made a decision, nothing is final, and you can always change it. Doubting and considering lets you see the other options in whether those decisions might be better than your first choice. I often doubt something that I already decided when I find a new better choice to consider. For example, there is a job offering that pays more than my current job, so I consider taking it. But if I find myself trying to change my choice quite too often, I may question myself of lacking any commitment on something. That is why I limit myself, and I make sure I made all the necessary steps before making another decision.

Sure, making the right decision should be thought thoroughly and carefully. But I think making a wrong decision once in a while is just a sign that I am experiencing life. When I make a wrong decision, it may be painful, but it is not the end of the world! I just try to make sure I avoid it the next time, and remember to make my decisions logical, thought them thoroughly, and consider other choices.


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