Aug 21, 2010

Asus G51JX Review

This is my first review ever for a laptop. And I hope it is not the last!

Anyway, last Monday I received my new laptop from eBay. It is a brand new, Asus G51JX-X2 Republic of Gamers Laptop. The name is a mouthful, But I already memorized the name after all those time to finally open this monster as I got the package slip as early as Friday last week, but I couldn't get it because the post office was already closed.

And I remember after I finally unboxed it I didn’t want to open it for a second and just stare at it, because it is really beautiful. My mom said, it is the best looking laptop she has ever seen. And it is really true.

Aug 16, 2010

love is true, so now God is?

I am really annoyed with TV shows or movies and people asking this similar question over and over again. It goes like this: In the movie “Contact” where a character played by Jodie Foster said that everything should have a proof or evidence. Then her friend asked, “Do you love your parents?” Jodie replied yes, and then her friend said, “Can you prove it?” And then Jodie with her face confused never said anything.

That scene was really irritating. I’m an atheist and the character that Jodie Foster is portraying is an atheist too, and I think if you’re an atheist you will not look confused or don’t say a thing if you were asked that question.

Because you CAN prove that you love someone.

First and a really shallow explanation of proving that you love someone is that if you go get yourself on those lie detector tests. The inspector will ask you, “Do you love your parents?” and if you love them, it will show on the lie detector that you’re telling the truth.

BAM! You proved it.

Second, there’s another famous quote from movies and tv shows are two couple arguing and then the girl asks, “DO YOU LOVE ME!!!” and then the guy will say, “OF COURSE I DO!!” then the girl will reply, “Then prove it!!”

I don’t know about the guy, but if I were him and I love the girl, I will really prove to her that I love her. Proving someone you love them I think has some rules:

  1. 1. Always make them happy,
  2. 2. Keep them safe,
  3. 3. Always think and do whatever is the best for them,
  4. 4. Let them go.


So, if the girl will ask again if the guy loves her, the guy should reply, “OK, I will prove that I love you.” Then the guy should list all the things he has done during their time together and the choices he made proving that he loves her.

So there we are, we proved it again.

quote1But then you may argue, “What if the girl disagrees? What if she’s not convinced?”But then aren’t all facts with evidence today still requires double checking? The girl should test her partner. Make some instances on what she believes that the guy will chose to be able to confirm that he truly loves her. And if the girl confirmed that the guy really loves her but still don’t believe in it? Well that’s craziness.

You may also argue that some people may not demonstrate the signs that they love a person, they hurt them, always make them sad, put them to danger, and even kill them. Some people may still think that they love that person but the truth is, they’re living in a lie. You do not go cheating in a test and still think you did your test fair and clean. You don’t go killing other people and say it is for their own sake.

So yeah. If you love someone there’s proof for it. There are signs, evidence, actions that you do to fully prove it. I think believers just make this argument because maybe they don’t show love to other people. Or, they think that God loves them but they don’t really experience “God’s love” that often, so their mindset is that love cannot be proved.

So next time you try to be a smart-ass trying to argue with this question, just don’t. You know it will not work for me.

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