Aug 21, 2010

Asus G51JX Review

This is my first review ever for a laptop. And I hope it is not the last!

Anyway, last Monday I received my new laptop from eBay. It is a brand new, Asus G51JX-X2 Republic of Gamers Laptop. The name is a mouthful, But I already memorized the name after all those time to finally open this monster as I got the package slip as early as Friday last week, but I couldn't get it because the post office was already closed.

And I remember after I finally unboxed it I didn’t want to open it for a second and just stare at it, because it is really beautiful. My mom said, it is the best looking laptop she has ever seen. And it is really true.



People who will think that this laptop is ugly is crazy, or just wanted the minimalistic designs of Apple. Which I think their Macbook products looks like something you will see on the bathroom. Specially that white glossy Macbook 13. It just look like a toilet. What’s something that you absolutely will not see on the bathroom is the Asus G51JX. When the laptop is closed, the first thing you’ll see is it’s black and blue styled cover and in the center the design is like wolverine scratched it. It is really awesome. It is a rare trend on laptops today to have an instant design on the back of the screen. Most of the laptops only have a plain color, or a pattern on their covers. Right on the center of the laptop you have the Asus logo, but it is not the priority, as below Asus logo it has a shiny, backlited Republic of Gamers logo. On the sides of it, there are side lights like on cars. They only light when you’re using a power cord, but it will not light up if you’re on battery. It is a nice battery saving feature (trust me, it needs it!) but I kinda hope you get the option to change the color, like on the recent Alienware M11x.

When you open the laptop, you are welcomed with the full high definition resolution on a 15'.6 inch display. At first, I was a little uncomfortable with the small letters, but when I look back on my old computer that has a 1366X768 resolution, it kinda looked like, well, old. Full HD is the future baby.


The backlit chicklet keyboard are easy to type to, and it is good they added a num pad, but what I really like is the calculator shortcut, just press FN plus the numpad enter. The lighting on the keyboard has 3 dim settings, although the dimmest one is completely readable at night, and I don’t see why you need a brighter light. What I don’t like on the keyboard is the font they used on the letters, and ok, I admit. I prefer the font they used on the Macbook Pros. Happy?


The trackpad is seated on a bushed metal border that houses the left and right click buttons. the brushed metal and the trackpad itself feels nice to touch, and it really looks like the transformers logo. But what’s really the nicest thing to touch is the G51’s palm rest. It is made from a hard rubber, and it feels really natural to rest your hands on it. It is spacious, and it is simply beautiful. Adding the ROG logo on the right side is a nice touch as well.



Comparison with my old laptop and of course, on a Macbook Pro.

My old laptop is a Dell Inspiron 1545, and let me tell you first what am I gonna miss with it.

First and the major thing I’m going to miss with my old laptop is it’s mobility. The Dell 1545 is not that thin, and the G51 is almost a half thicker on every sides. It is also heavier of couse, 2 pounds heavier, and add the ridiculously big power brick.

But then, that’s the only thing that I’m going to miss! Performance features, ports, design, are all better than my old laptop. Here. I made a list on those features, along with the Current Macbook Pro 15 that is offered by Apple.


As you can see, the Macbook Pro has 2.4 GHz of Core i5 Processor, and my G51 only has 1.6 GHz of Core i7. You may argue that the Macbook’s processor is faster than my G51’s, but it turns out, you’re wrong. Notebookcheck listed the benchmark ranks of notebook processors’ performance. It turns out, my processor’s rank is 18, while the Macbook’s processor’s ranking do not even come close, because it was ranked 29th.

The only thing that the Macbook is better as is again, on mobility. But paying extra $650 for thinner and extra 5 hours of battery life with really low specs I think is stupid. Plus, I use this laptop as a desktop replacement, heck I don’t even have a desktop. So, I am not really going to carry it around and spend too much time using it on battery.


Let’s just put it this way. This is the fastest freaking computer I have ever used. Playing Command and Conquer 3 on highest settings while on full HD? It is ridiculously awesome!! Same too on Modern Warfare 2, Grid, and Left 4 Dead. Crysis on the other hand runs smoothly on high settings, but not on maximum settings. Heck I don’t know with Crysis why is it like that.

And of course playing videos on it is awesome smooth too. But one downside of having a Full HD screen? Well, Standard Definition videos will look more pixilated because they are now being stretched much bigger. But all in all, performance on the G51 is solid as a rock.

False Reviews

I read the reviews of this laptop on Newegg and there were two of the most common complaints about this laptop is that it runs really hot, and it always gives you blue screen of death (BSOD).

What I found on the G51’s temperature is that, it is not that hot. In fact, the only place that is hot is the left side of it, as it is where the vent is located. But it’s temperature is consistent. I am having a practice now where I always put my hands on the vent, as the hot air it releases really feels good. And I am not even on a cool place. I never experienced having a really hot temperature where I can’t touch it, unlike on my old computer. But with those reviews, I worried too much that I bought a cooling pad. I ended up giving it to my mom as she needs it better than I do, as her new HP TM2 tablet (which I hope I get to review too) runs significantly hotter than mine.

I also have not experienced any BSOD’s. I had on my old computer, but not on this. Again, with false reviews they said it is a widespread defect, but no, I haven’t and I already put the laptop on it’s extremest conditions.



I really like my new laptop. I’ve always been an enthusiasts for new technology, and finally I own one. So the G51JX is quite expensive. But is it worth it? I proudly say yes. Before this laptop, I’ve been using a lot of yesterday’s technology, yes, I was stuck with a Celeron laptop until 2009, and I was ok back then. And now, I think I am going to be future proof for a very long time baby.



Aziel said...

hi, mJ!
miss you!
excited ka talagang maglaro, nehh,.
try mo din left 4 dead 2,. and use cheats, hehehh!

Michael Jacob said...

Yo, bago na ung rig mo?

Grace said...

We got an ASUS desktop naman the same week you got your laptop. XD Ang cool ng design nung sayo, pang-gamer talaga (no comment sa specs kasi hindi ko naman maintindihan--lol). Good thing you're not afraid to buy electronics on eBay.. Kaninong buyer ka bumili? I buy electronics on eBay too, pero yung mga mumurahin lang like PDAs and monitors kasi nakakatakot na baka damaged/defective yung product or something pagdating sakin. :P

Michael Jacob said...

Thanks Ate Grace.
Ano pong asus desktop ung nbili nyo?
Ung name po ng seller eh techurban. Tignan nyo po ung mga high-rated seller, tsaka ung may mga money back. Mas gusto ko nga po ung ebay kesa sa amazon or any other site kasi mas mabilis po silang magship.

Alam ko po pag damaged covered naman po ata kayo ng eBay.

Grace said...

Asus Desktop Model # CM5671-05

Ang ganda nga ng feedback nya nga ah. May naligaw lang na 1 negative. Tas free shipping pa. Diko pa na-try gamitin ang warranty ng eBay eh. Yung isa kong nabili, alam ko sa UPS naman naka-insure kaya may money back kung damaged yung product.

Mabilis din magship ang Amazon. Libre membership ng Amazon Prime ng 1 year sa mga college students. Free 2-day shipping.

Michael Jacob said...

so sa eBay nyo po nbili?
wala pong free 2 day shipping ung amazon sa VI.
3-4 weeks pa po dadating.


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