Sep 30, 2010

coming out as an atheist in school

Recently in my political science class, we we’re talking about republicans and democrats. My teacher first asked us if we are in favor of not tolerating prayers in school. A lot of us raised our hands. Next question was about abortion. A lot of us also raised our hands saying we’re supporting it.

Abortion for me is still morally wrong, because you’re killing someone. I still stand on my old opinion that if you don’t want a baby, use protection. But then some people may realize that they were too late. I now understand that they might not have the ability to support one’s life, that’s why they chose it. Plus, the earth is overpopulated enough.

The next question was about gay marriage. A lot of us also supported gay marriage but some were against it. I mean, how could you restrict someone from being with someone they love? They’re not doing anything to you, why don’t you want them to be happy? You might say that god doesn’t want them to get married, but then, why would god create them in the first place?

Then after those questions my teacher discussed about some democrats secretly agrees with republican views. And then I don’t remember what lead the discussion for her to ask, “Is there anyone here that is an atheist?”

After she asked that I heard some laughter. I kinda hesitated for a quarter of a second not to raise my hand, but I did. Then there was a quick awkward silence, or maybe I just died a little.

After I raised my hands my heart was really beating so loud. I never really did came out to a group of people before. I was so nervous that I couldn’t speak. I could have asked to the people who laughed, “what’s wrong with being an atheist!”

I was also surprised that I was the only atheist in class. I mean, majority of people were anti-prayers and pro-gay marriage, so there’s some kind of hope there, but no. Well, that tells me one thing. Americans were more open minded than I thought. Compared to Filipinos! :)

I was also surprised that I am a freaking democrat. If I could vote.

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