Oct 22, 2010

Apple’s argument against putting a touchscreen on their latest macbooks.


You heard it from Steve Jobs, you heard it from Phil Schiller (who has an incredibly large, err, zit in the face?") that no, they will not be implementing touchscreens in their MacBooks because they said it is uncomfortable.


I think that is not the case. In Windows 7, touch is enabled as long as you have a hardware that supports touch inputs. We own an HP TM2 tablet, and Windows 7 and touch gestures works just fine. Of course it is not perfect, you’ll find some items that are quite little to touch, and some inconsistencies with the whole experience. But all in all, it is there, and I find having a touchscreen on a desktop operating system quite useful, for example, closing a window is faster, because you don’t need to find the mouse pointer, as well as scrolling through webpages, zooming in photos, maps, and as simple as playing touch based games.

It is no way uncomfortable, and I find having a touchscreen efficient in the long run, in contrast with Steve Jobs saying that it isn’t.

What really is the case with Apple I think is that they are lazy. They don’t want, or they don’t know how to modify their Mac OS to be touchscreen friendly. OR they don’t want to add a touchscreen because they don’t want to lessen their at least $500 profit on every $999 Macbook Air. But in the end, it’s a classic Apple behavior, in which they have an elegant excuse into not implementing stuff in their devices. Photons Steve Jobs, Photons. That’s all that matters.

Oct 17, 2010

delving into our new dslr.

Ok, I have now entered into the world of professional photographer’s world. Until I read in Wikipedia that what we bought is used by amateurs, students, and hobbyist photographers.

Oh come on!!!

But anyway, I used it for a bit this morning, shooting anything that I can, and for the most part, I love it. I’m pretty much more interested video capture, and depth of field, and that’s what you will see in the video.

I didn’t change the settings at first, so I recorded it on 720p, instead of 1080p.

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