Nov 26, 2010

the terror of losing your data *must read*

I’ve got the Asus G51JX for a few months now, and you know that I love it. But problems with it started I think about a two months ago, where I had my very first blue screen of death.

I know I’ve said to my review that I haven’t experienced one, but when I finally did, I thought, no biggie, I mean, my computer experienced a blue screen, like any other computers out there.

Second blue screen happened. I still think that it is normal, as maybe I need to clean up files and delete some unnecessary processes. So I did. multiple times.

But then the blue screen were still happening. From once a week, it happened twice a week, then almost everyday, to more than one per day. I know something is going on, but I still not worrying about it as blue screens interrupt me maximum of 5 minutes of my time.

Although now writing and thinking about it, I really had so many blue screens. My memory is filled with blue-colored darkness.

Anyway, most of the blue screens I got are pretty normal ones (if there’s any), but what I’m saying is, they all looked like this:

Nov 17, 2010

Project TRANSPORT world premiere *with exclusive blooper reel!*

Ladies and Gentlemen… I present you:


CLICK HERE or the image to view the video!

So what do you guys think? Is it good? Is it bad? Tell me in the comments!

Anyway, as I have said, this is the most epic project I have ever done in my whole entire life! I think this comes close to a lightly produced small budget film! 

As I have said a million times, I could have never done this without my group mates. They are so amazing, and supportive, and 100% hard working.

So, Did I create those 3D scenes and logos? Well of course I did! But I had some help. You can see some of the tutorials I found on the internet that is listed on the credits.

As you can see from the bonus EXCLUSIVE blooper reel after the break, it’s also the first time I used a green screen, It’s so awesome to get video overlays on them, they look really cool.

Please dislike my logo submission on “How Low Can Your Logo?”


Long Zheng twitted about this site that has a competition to make the worst logo for a company. I submitted one, and right now it is the third most disliked logo. Please dislike it so that we can make it as number 1!

To take a look at it, please Click here and DISLIKE!!!

UPDATE: The current number one offered some prizes if he win, I’m not going to do that. Please dislike mine if you really think that it is bad, and if you don’t, then vote others. I honestly voted for others that I think are really bad. Not that they matter, because judges are going to pick the winner. But even though I didn’t win, the dislikes that I got I think are way better than the prizes. Thank you al for the dislikes!

Nov 14, 2010

“The Gadget Blog” trailer (Parody) *UPDATE*

So the latest Engadget Podcast talked about rumored Nexus S and Josh, Nilay, and Paul told the story on how they had exclusive scoops on the device.  They then talked about creating a movie about it based on The Social Network, and quickly I though it would be funny to create a mock poster like the one they did on The Social Network. I eventually trashed my unfinished work and decided not to pursue it. Until Josh tweeted that someone actually did it.

Challenged by that commenter, I said to myself that I’m gonna make a parody trailer!!! Here it is! Hope the engadget gang will notice it! What would really be an honor is that if they even make this as a post! That would be awesome!


UPDATE: Nov 14th 2010 2:43PM, That’s the time that Engadget posted this on their site. I feel so awesome right now. Thank you Engadget.

Nov 6, 2010

project TRANSPORT preview


Project TRANSPORT is definitely my most epic assignment that I have ever made in my whole life. I’m lucky enough to work with my fellow classmates that are so awesome while we were creating this masterpiece.

Presentations are on November 10 (I said 11th on the video), so I am uploading it that day, or sooner, if we are given permission to  present early then I can upload it on November 8th.

But in the mean time, here’s a very short sneak peek on Project TRANSPORT!



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