Nov 14, 2010

“The Gadget Blog” trailer (Parody) *UPDATE*

So the latest Engadget Podcast talked about rumored Nexus S and Josh, Nilay, and Paul told the story on how they had exclusive scoops on the device.  They then talked about creating a movie about it based on The Social Network, and quickly I though it would be funny to create a mock poster like the one they did on The Social Network. I eventually trashed my unfinished work and decided not to pursue it. Until Josh tweeted that someone actually did it.

Challenged by that commenter, I said to myself that I’m gonna make a parody trailer!!! Here it is! Hope the engadget gang will notice it! What would really be an honor is that if they even make this as a post! That would be awesome!


UPDATE: Nov 14th 2010 2:43PM, That’s the time that Engadget posted this on their site. I feel so awesome right now. Thank you Engadget.

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