Nov 17, 2010

Project TRANSPORT world premiere *with exclusive blooper reel!*

Ladies and Gentlemen… I present you:


CLICK HERE or the image to view the video!

So what do you guys think? Is it good? Is it bad? Tell me in the comments!

Anyway, as I have said, this is the most epic project I have ever done in my whole entire life! I think this comes close to a lightly produced small budget film! 

As I have said a million times, I could have never done this without my group mates. They are so amazing, and supportive, and 100% hard working.

So, Did I create those 3D scenes and logos? Well of course I did! But I had some help. You can see some of the tutorials I found on the internet that is listed on the credits.

As you can see from the bonus EXCLUSIVE blooper reel after the break, it’s also the first time I used a green screen, It’s so awesome to get video overlays on them, they look really cool.

When I presented the final composition with my group mates, It was really awesome. Of course they loved it as much as I do. But when we presented it in the class, well, not so much.

See, I was hoping that this sentence from our professor, “The presentations are really great, everyone.” would be followed by, “Specially Project TRANSPORT.” But he didn’t. Because of the three groups, we’re the only one who did a video presentation, other two just being a discussion with a PowerPoint.

After our presentation one of my classmate asked, “Did I hear ‘pilotless aircraft? na-ah!” She also said that we will have trouble selling it to people, if it was ever made. I told her that the technology is already existing, and it is possible for the future. But what I could have said is, “Are you afraid of getting on a cable car? a roller coaster? those water rides on theme parks? I mean all of these technologies seem like they don’t have drivers on them, but people trust them! I’m sure the only way to move forward is to be on air!”

She continued, “Simpler controls for a pilot maybe, but pilotless?” I could also have said that maybe on earlier versions of the CQ-1 it will have pilots. But why would our presentation be on that stage where we could already dream of an aircraft that is pilotless? Plus, CQ-1 will have people on board, doing what a pilot could have been “simply” doing such as telling the aircraft where to go, and where to land.

By the way, the CQ-1’s concept is not my idea. My idea was only for the Drivers and the consumers part. It is included our presentation so I am defending it. There, I said it.

Anyway, the other 2 groups’ presentations were. (1) about some kind of device to modify human brain. I don’t know much about it as they’ve talked 10 slides out of 13 about problems of the brain or something. (2) A device made for kids with different brain boosting applications. It is 7 inch touch screen (no word if capacitive or resistive, so don’t know about multitouch), 1600x1200 resolution (high, but why not just make it 720p or 1080p?), it has a stylus (oh, so maybe it is resistive? Disappointed smile ) and it auto detects 800x480 resolution (huh?) And get this, 8-32 GB memory.

But anyway, I think we really made a great job for our presentation. We were asked to grade other group’s work, but I said to our professor that we should all have perfect scores for our effort, but he didn’t want to accept it. Now I depend on my grade to our competitors.

Anyway, here’s my promised viewable bloopers!

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