Dec 19, 2010

a phone from the past: Sony Ericsson P910i


Being an Apple hater made me love things irrationally. Some of them are simple interfaces, pixilated displays, and here’s the latest one, the Sony Ericsson P910i. Why do I love the P910i you say? It’s because it was one of the first phone to have a big touch screen on it (well, if you remove that obstructive folding keypad) that debunked the claim that Apple started these kind of form factors.

Anyway, I stumbled upon this phone earlier this week, and I planned to do a video regarding its user interface, but no, I tried charging it, but it won’t work. It won’t boot up anymore. Bummer, right?
It was a premium phone back then, 2004 to be exact. It only has a VGA camera, which is a decent resolution that time. It runs at 156Mhz processor and with 64MB of RAM. Don’t you just miss when these kinds of specs don’t matter to a phone?

I decided to compare it with my Samsung Intercept. Being a high-end phone back then, it is quite unfair to compare it to a mid-range phone today. But you’ll know enough on how far we’ve come today.

I can’t stress the fact that the Samsung Intercept is only a mid-range phone today, but still, it outperformed the P910i in every aspects. It’s also lighter and smaller, compared to the P910i, but the Intercept already includes a slide out keyboard. Take a look: at them along with the Zune HD:


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