Jan 7, 2011

HTC Surround review: Goodbye, Android!

Well here it is guys, my first ever Windows Phone device, the HTC Surround. I got it yesterday and so far, I am obviously loving it.

But before I review the device, let me just talk about how I got the device a little bit. As you may have probably know, last month I just had a Samsung Intercept, an Android device, which on my review I ended up saying, screw Windows Phone for now, Android ftw. But after a month of using the Intercept I found myself in a really uncomfortable place not only with the Intercept's low specs, but also with the Android OS. I said I wasn't too bothered by the low resolution screen (and odd 240x400 resolution) but everyday my experience just got worse. Angry Birds for instance looks crap, Swype won't work because the res is not supported, and Pandora's displaying the album arts with wrong aspect ratio. I may not be that keen on pixel density, but I am on aspect ratios.

So I decided to look on eBay for cheap Windows Phone 7 devices. I was wanting to buy the Samsung Focus, because it is thin and the highest praised Windows Phone in the US, but I couldn't win on bidding wars because most of the devices got sold for more than $350. I also looked for the LG Quantum, but again, no luck. I didn't intend to buy an HTC Surround because of bad reviews I read online, and I think that's why  less people bid on it on eBay, so I got one successfully for $310. Which is cheap enough because if you buy one without contract on AT&T it would be $499.

After I received the Surround yesterday, I immediately went to Sprint and returned their Intercept to get my $250 money back. And now here I am, reviewing the HTC Surround!

Jan 5, 2011

my wishes and ideas for the upcoming Windows Phone 7 updates

imageThe Microsoft’s CES keynote will be kicking off tomorrow, and everyone is speculating about what the company has been working on with Windows Phone. Here I give you my 7 wishes and predictions that I am hoping Microsoft will grant its Windows Phone users in 2011.

Jan 2, 2011

operating systems are destined to become ugly; even on mobile

Along with hardware, operating systems are the one you consider when choosing a device, whether it is a desktop, laptop, tablet, or a mobile phone. You’ll spend most of your time on that device looking on that operating system more than you will on the hardware, so I think operating systems are more important. Software companies are responsible for the user experience on these devices, and users often want newer, better, and faster experience. And these software companies do update their operating systems, and do bring new functionalities, but over time, these operating systems will start to feel like a messy, unorganized, and inconsistent piece of software.

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