Jan 5, 2011

my wishes and ideas for the upcoming Windows Phone 7 updates

imageThe Microsoft’s CES keynote will be kicking off tomorrow, and everyone is speculating about what the company has been working on with Windows Phone. Here I give you my 7 wishes and predictions that I am hoping Microsoft will grant its Windows Phone users in 2011.

Since the rumors of Windows Phone 7 not having a copy past feature, they have been criticized numerously by users and technology websites all over the interwebs. I remember Microsoft’s tone during those time, in where they defended not having copy/paste because users don’t really do that. But months later during the launch keynote, Joe Belfiore specifically mentioned that copy/paste is coming the first half of 2011. So there you go. I don’t even have to wish that anymore. Copy/Paste is coming to Windows Phone 7. Here is an early sample video on how it may be implemented:

I think it looks odd at the moment, but I’m sure Microsoft had already tweaked it to be more efficient and feel part of the whole OS.


Other complaints from reviewers is the lack of multitasking with Windows Phone 7. Microsoft says that they’re still figuring out how to efficiently implement multitasking on their mobile OS.

Well here are some ideas Microsoft. I think Palm webOS’s implementation of multitasking with their live view cards, are really going to drain the phone’s battery. Plus, I find the experience of always having an open card within webOS is a little bit discomforting, and I always close every other application that I didn’t notice that is still open. So I think implementing this kind of multitasking is out of the question for Microsoft.

So I think the way how multitasking work on Windows Phone is more like how Android/iPhone implements multitasking. With iPhone, you press the home button twice and the icons of the open applications will be presented in the lower portion of the screen. On Android, you press and hold the home button and 8 icons of your most recently used applications will pop up on the screen.

Since the back button on WP7 devices when you’re in the start screen will send you to your most recent app, I think pressing and holding the back button is just appropriate if a user wants to view his/her open applications. What I want Microsoft to do is just have open applications to show, not the most recent ones. I think users are smart enough to know what application they’re using if they got lost. Either add an x button to close an app (just like on the browser) or as usual, press and hold to close. It would also be nice if there’s a menu available via the pull up menu to access settings, close all applications, and see resource usage. Here are some photoshops that I made on how multitasking will be like:



Windows Phone 7 supports some landscape orientation, but a lot of reviewers complained about not having a landscape orientation 90% of the OS (says Engadget). I for one don’t mind it, so this one is for you, reviewers.

For the start screen to have a landscape support I think they have no choice but to do what I did below. If Microsoft decides to rotate the whole thing (meaning only 2 tiles can be completely viewable). And instead of swiping right to get to the app list, The user is now going to swipe to the top.

I really can’t think of a better way to implement the app list on landscape mode, but put the icons like this below. You can’t swipe down because it is your live tiles, so you’re swiping left or right now to find your apps.
I’m curious how Microsoft will implement landscape mode on WP7. I hope they will have a better idea than mine. Anyway, here’s another render for a landscape mode on the Zune player;


And last on my wishes for the Windows Phone 7 update is the ability to resize live tiles. Aaron from Phonedog repeatedly complains about this when he reviews a WP7 device, so I am really hoping that Microsoft will finally add this feature so he can stop saying it.

Anyway, resizing the tiles can be done horizontally or vertically, however you want it. I tried making some half sized tiles, and they don’t look good. So the smallest of the tile can be is today’s square live tile. Including the photos or the calendar that today occupies 2 tiles can be shrinked into a square tile. Universally shrinking the tiles so that we can add a third or a forth tile in the first row. But that is a little too much don’t you think?

I really hope Microsoft would surprise us tomorrow. Like for example, unveiling of Windows Phone 7 tablets, added feature like front facing cameras, gyroscopes, and games like Angry Birds, or Infinity Blade. I also don’t want to stop wishing that they’ll update the Zune HD to be compatible with Windows Phone 7. But I doubt that will happen.

So do you have anymore ideas/predictions/updates on the keynote tomorrow? Feel free to comment yours!

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