Feb 21, 2011

an open letter to Gizmodo

As a technology enthusiast I know a bunch of technology sites. One site in particular that I visit often is Gizmodo – at least it was until they recently redesigned their site.

First of my problems is the lack of a “support” button, in where supposedly I was going write about my concerns, but since I can’t find one, I decided to publicly write about it instead. I don’t know if a support button existed before the redesign as I didn’t really need it before.

My next problem is the site width. I don’t know if the actual size of the width of the redesigned Gizmodo is smaller, but it really does look smaller compared to the old one. I think the reduction of 1 column definitely affected the whole site experience. The whole site looks a lot like those older sites from the 1990’s, the articles looked a little bit crammed together, and even though they have added some HTML5 capabilities, it just feels old. I guess what I’m saying is, the site feels so static.

I also have a problem with your font selection. Serif? Really? It’s not good when Engadget did it, and it is not good when you did it. We’ve seen tech companies like Apple and Microsoft had moved away from Serif fonts. In my opinion, Serif fonts are a pain in the eye. It’s harder to read them and they look unorganized. Please please move back to san-serif fonts.

And then, here we go with the presentation of the news. Back in the old site, you’ll get a uniformed list of the recent news that contains the headline, a little summary, and a “more” button handy if you want to read it. On the new site, most of the time you’ll be presented with one article up front, whether you want to read it or not it’s the one presented right in front of you. If you want to view the featured picture of that article, you can’t for like 10 seconds, as a flash advertisement covers it and obscures your view. I don’t mind the ads covering some of the featured articles at the top from the old site, I usually think they were artistically made, but now, they really feel like a pain to wait for them to go away.

And with the old site, news were presented chronologically. Right now on your site, I don’t know what are the most recent news, as not only the articles are not listed with dates, but also located on a sidebar, in which most people ignore nowadays because they usually contain ads. The headlines are also presented on a smaller font, and smaller space. And oh, I don’t know why you are giving such importance on tags, as they cover almost 1/4 of the sidebar. Clicking on those tags puts you on the news anyway the same as clicking the headline itself, as opposed to presenting the news having the similar tag with the one you clicked – which is what an average user would assume. All in all, I just don’t want to read the headlines on Gizmodo as I used to. Sure I can go to the classic mode – in which it would be presented on the main pane, but when I visit again next time, that view is gone and I am lost again.

So yeah, Gizmodo. I didn’t like the redesign. Every time I go to my computer to open my browser and check my bookmarked sites, I have skipped you Gizmodo several times. As before I was eager and hungry to be fed with news, it just seems to be a chore and a bad experience going to your site today. I am really frustrated. I want to go back to the experience where going to your site is a joy. Right now it is not, and I’m afraid to continue being this way.

Feb 16, 2011

Vote me on TechnoBuffalo HTC Inspire 4g contest!

Please vote me as I became a finalist on TechnoBuffalo HTC Inspire 4G! Please vote for the "TechnoBuffalo Trailer by MichaelJacob02" Thank you!!!

Poll: Shout it From the Mountain Tops! Finalists!

Feb 4, 2011

Windows Phone 7 (OS) review

Ah, Windows Phone 7. I said it once and I’m going to say it again. This is my dream phone. Ever since I had a Zune I am pretty much in love with what Microsoft has been doing with this typography driven operating system. It has been my inspiration with my designs; as you can see with this blog. So, if you’re a Zune HD owner, a Windows Mobile owner, or a non-Microsoft device owner at all, do you consider on getting a Windows Phone? Well, I hope this review will get your questions answered.

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