Mar 31, 2011

update on my thoughs about Windows Phone update process

I recently wrote a short article about how disappointed I am with the updates on Windows Phone. I said that Windows Phone's update and Android's update is going to be similar. I couldn't be more wrong.

See, I already got the 'NoDo' update. Which I know, isn't yet officially available on AT&T devices. But I got it on a fairly easy hack involving connecting your computer to a VPN in a country of Hungary. And then, the trickiest part of the hack is that you need to have a precise timing for the update to show up. But after all that, Microsoft has a present for you. The NoDo update.

No need for you to flash a ROM, back-up anything, lose your data, and/or going through those root menus that Android users seem to experience if they want to update to a non-carrier supported update.

I also had an idea on my last post. I said that they shouldn't wait for other carriers to do the update. Microsoft should deploy the update to the carriers that already did their work. And guess what -- they are already doing that.

As you can see in this link, the NoDo update is already deployed with T-mobile devices, while AT&T devices are still on testing phase, with a little assurance that it'll be finished in early April. See, what platform has this kind of update system? Android can dream of having a list of every partner carrier they have and provide when is the update coming on their phones. Can you imagine the possibility of all of the Android devices on one carrier being updated to 2.3? I just couldn't. Where on AT&T, no matter how delayed their update will be, all of their Windows Phones will receive the update.

And looking at the chart, including the international ones, I see that almost half of them are delivering the NoDo update. And the rest are going to get it within the next month or so. Now that is incredible. NO WAY similar on how Android is updated. No way that is close.

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