Apr 29, 2011

iPad 2 resolution vs other devices

I have used an iPad 2 for a decent amount of time now, and it is arguably (really arguably) the best tablet on the market right now. But one major problem I had everytime that I am using (and after I am using it) is its screen resolution. Being used to high-res phones, and my laptop having 1080p resolution on a 15 inch display, I really couldn’t stand the resolution on the iPad. It is just horrible. In fact, I think it is a little bit traumatizing. Images of its low resolution flash in my head and I couldn’t erase it.

But what could Apple really do? They couldn’t bump up the resolution this early, developers would be angry! They also couldn’t put a retina display that we see on the iPhone into it, because the minimum requirement to attain this is to have 300 pixels per inch, which would make the resolution to 2328x1746. That resolution is way too big for a screen this size, and developers would really have a hard time making their apps compatible with this resolution as their development environment is smaller than the said resolution. Not to mention apps (specially games) would increase in terms of app size.

But anyway, all of that aside, I decided to compare the iPad’s resolution with my other devices. This first one is the text test, and that is where the iPad really sucks at. But you be the judge. Notice the edges on the text:

Next is a photo test. Again, look at the edges of the picture:

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