Apr 9, 2011

really, android? really? edition 1: fragmentation

Hello everybody! This is the first ever "Really, Android? Really?" Where Michael Jacob rants about different things that he hates about Android! This first edition he talks about what else, but Android fragmentation! So read ahead! Hopefully there will be more to come in the future!

Ahhh... Android. More like Shmandroid! That's what I say!

I think "Android" is just the appropriate term for this Google's mobile operating system. Well, take a look at real Androids. In the Terminator movies at least. Androids that are made during the current generation will be stronger and will have more features to kill humans than the older generation. This is what's happening with Androids today, without the killing part.

I often compare Android with Windows 7. I have been thinking that these two OS's have too many things in common. First, they both run on different form factors. Android can be found on phones, tablets, media players, etc. Where Windows 7 is found on PC's, Tablets, and portables. They also both run on different specifications. - Different RAM's, processors and processor speeds, graphic processors, screen sizes, screen resolutions  etc. They are also offered by many OEM’s. Yep, companies like Samsung, LG, Sony, Acer, Dell, and many more offer Android and Windows 7.

Not only that, these OS’s also have so many things in common with the OS’s themselves.  For example, both operating systems let you chose the default programs, both let you install off-market apps, both can really be customizable, and many more.

But then here comes the updating process. If you have an older version of Windows, what you need to do to upgrade to Windows 7 is that you buy a DVD. That’s it, It’s that easy. On Android, well, if you do not have a device that isn’t named “Nexus” you will not get the latest Android version for months to come, or more accurately, you will NEVER get any more update forever.

Really, Android? Really?

Why can a 5 year old PC is able to be upgraded to a currently released OS version, and a phone that is currently released, (like Atrix 4G for example) cannot??

Updating on Windows 7 is also a breeze. I get OS updates almost like, every two weeks or so, and if you live under a rock and doesn’t have an internet connection, you can ask your friend to give you a Service Pack (that has just been released) and send it to you from a USB stick. It is that easy.

On Android, again, if your device is not named “nexus” you will not get those OS updates. If you really want to update your phone, you can, but you need to root it. ROOTING is a very hard thing to do for most people, and flashing an updated ROM is not easier either. Is this the way Android wants their customer to update their phone? By getting an unsupported ROM file that is released by some unknown developer? Really Android, Really?

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