Apr 11, 2011

where angels walk: chapter 1

I have been posting for weeks or months now just about phones and nothing but phones. I love blogging about phones and I am very passionate about it, but one thing that I am really passionate about is atheism. I think atheism is good, it's good for people that are atheists, but not for people who are not atheists. That's why I am here in a mission. If I cannot convert you into being an atheist, I can then try hard to at least convert you into thinking that atheist people are not possessed by the devil, nor will be going into eternal hell. So go ahead! Read on!

"Where Angels Walk." That is the title of the book a friend of mine gave me when I left the Philippines more than two years ago.  She told me to read it while I am on the airplane. She also added a note stating that I should finish reading the book because she has given it way to me without finishing the book herself. I think that was really sweet, but more than two years later I only had just finished reading chapter one. And that's what I am going to talk about today. Chapter 1 of "Where Angels Walk."

I'm a slow reader ok!!

Anyway, the story goes like this. Buddies Tim and Jim had to travel somewhere during the greatest snow storm of some place I don't bother looking again. Their car broke down and they were almost going to die when suddenly, a tow truck came to the rescue and sent them home safely. They realized the tow truck didn't left any traces nor required any payment and they believed it was an angel in disguise sent by God from above.

First of all, if God really loves us, why would he allow snow storms? Why couldn't he just stop the storm once and for all (because he can, as stated that he created the earth.) and eliminating any need for an angel to go down to earth and save these kids. A lot of people had died on these snow storms and if God sent angels for every one of them (it will be unfair if he didn't right?), well, God's angels fail.

Second, is the tow truck and the driver. Why would an angel present itself as a tow truck driver? Many writing on the bible shows angels in their true form. Why not present themselves in their true form in this instance? Are they hiding themselves to people in order for them to be not considered existing? If I am an angel, why not just show myself and get these kids into a protective bubble or anything supernatural for them to not doubt that I am really an angel? What kind of twisted mind that angel has to make them wonder?

Third, is that the book's trying hard to convince you that the tow truck didn't leave any traces. It said that they didn't see any lights going away, no noises, and no wheel tracks.

Well first of all, didn't they say there was a snow storm going on? So probably that's why they cannot see any trailing lights because the visibility from the snow storm is bad. Also, I do not know about snow storms, but when it rained it is noisy. Can the noise of the storm overcome the noise of the tow truck? I think it can. Also, isn't it snowing? Isn't it possible that the traces of the wheel will be covered in snow that's why there are no traces?

And lastly, the tow truck driver not requiring any payment. I mean is society nowadays that bad? Is a person not requiring a payment after a hard work cannot be considered to exist naturally that's why we need consider it to be not human?

Anyway, In the end, believe what you want to believe. I do not have any evidence more than their evidence towards having an angel encounter, but I believe mine because they do not require you to explain things that are not naturally happening in this world. But then I am not closing myself into other possibilities. Maybe the driver lives next door, and possibly been stealing that family for years and so he decided to payback? Maybe the tow truck and the driver had suddenly abducted by aliens that's why there are no traces? Maybe it is just the kids' imagination for having been exposed to snow for so long and they actually drove themselves home? Maybe it is a prank? Or maybe, just maybe, the story is fake?

So ask yourself. What is really the most plausible explanation?

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