Apr 3, 2011

why I think the DFT Windows Phone Mango update leak is fake.

"Dark Force Team" is responsible for getting the HD2 run Windows Phone 7, and we thank them for that, but the recent video (around 2:45 mark) that is floating around over Windows Phone 7 websites that is reported to have this search button on the start screen that is rumored to be included in the Windows Phone Mango update, I immediately (well not really, I went for a second look) noticed something.

The first app it listed was "Games" and it contains a significant gap at the top of the device. See, on Windows Phone, the applications on the app list is arranged alphabetically. So I really doubt that "Games" is the first one to be in the list, as Alarms, Calculator, Calendar, and the Camera app are all apps before the letter g and cannot be uninstalled.

And I am not sure why the camera in the end on their video supposedly showed this second device, which is really a good way to fake people into them thinking that they actually noticed something.

Now I could be wrong with all of this, and I am just saying that because I do not want to look stupid if it was actually proven true. Peace out!

Update: Look what Microsoft sent me! The latest Mango build has a + button!!!

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