May 25, 2011

It is not just about pixel density

Borrowing my little brother's laptop, and when I mean borrowing I meant using it while he's away, I just can't wait to show you guys quickly about this revelation I had with display technologies.

It turns out,it's not just about pixel density after all.It also matters what technology your screen have. Having seen the Nexus S 4G, a phone that sports Samsung's Super AMOLED display technology, I immediately can see the difference with the display on my phone, which is Super LCD.

May 9, 2011

Is prohibiting religious beliefs within the workspace considered discrimination?

I glimpsed a TV show today tittled "What Would You Do?"  and basically what they do is that they cause different scenarios, and they are capturing different people's reactions on what they were seeing. The episode I watched today involves some applicants being interviewed for a job in a restaurant, only not being accepted because they were wearing something that their religion is prohibiting them to be unworn. So, is that discrimination? Here's my take.

May 4, 2011

Updating the HTC Surround to NoDo

I saw a tweet from Joe Belfiore hours ago stating that the HTC Surround has finally able to get the long awaited NoDo update. Now that I am not a NoDo virgin, I actually have gotten myself one of the hacks to enable the update to come sooner, but there's no better feeling to receive the official update, as HTC and AT&T delivered some extra goodies with this update as well.

So you may ask, how did I revert back from 7390(nodo) to 7008(pre-nodo)? Well, it's actually easy. The Zune Software runs a backup of your current state whenever you do an update, so in this case I had one right before I updated to the generic 7390 update. I only had 7008 backed up instead of the much older 7004.

Now I have reverted to 7008 days ago, since Microsoft updated the Surround to "Scheduling" phase. I can see a prompt that an update is available to 7390 back then, and I suspect that is showing because I have debranded my device, and just today I have modified a CustClear.xml to add "ATT-US" thus rebranding my phone again.

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