May 25, 2011

It is not just about pixel density

Borrowing my little brother's laptop, and when I mean borrowing I meant using it while he's away, I just can't wait to show you guys quickly about this revelation I had with display technologies.

It turns out,it's not just about pixel density after all.It also matters what technology your screen have. Having seen the Nexus S 4G, a phone that sports Samsung's Super AMOLED display technology, I immediately can see the difference with the display on my phone, which is Super LCD.

So, is Super AMOLED better? Well, if we're talking about the contrast and how completely dark black colors are, yes, it is certainly better. But remember the time when I reviewed HTC Surround, where I suspected that the Samsung Focus (also has SAMOLED) has edges on the texts has some abnormality in them. Well it turns out, the whole display has these weird dots and is more visible on edges on texts, buttons, and any other edges.

Here, I took a picture of both my phone and the Nexus S on a similar book on the Kindle app, take a look:

Even though the Nexus S has a greater pixel density, it is clear with the naked eye and on the image above that Super LCD (the one HTC Inspire 4g has) is a better display with the two. Super AMOLED makes the display appear lower in resolution, as it gives you these weird dots that you can clearly see above.

You may ask, hey, of course Super LCD will perform better on white background, but Super AMOLED excels on black displays! Well, unfortunately, you're wrong. Here's the same screen on black background:

So as you can see, Super AMOLED keeps on putting colors that do not belong. You can see orange-y dots on a supposed to be white-only text. Although texts may look crisper on Super AMOLED, these weird dots just make it look otherwise. It really looks like an old technology.

Engadget recently compared Super AMOLED vs the newer Super AMOLED plus, and I just hope this fixes the problem with these kind of technology on displays. Until I get a hold of a Samsung Galaxy SII, or Apple's retina display, I think I am going to settle with Super LCD. There's really no comparison.

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