May 4, 2011

Updating the HTC Surround to NoDo

I saw a tweet from Joe Belfiore hours ago stating that the HTC Surround has finally able to get the long awaited NoDo update. Now that I am not a NoDo virgin, I actually have gotten myself one of the hacks to enable the update to come sooner, but there's no better feeling to receive the official update, as HTC and AT&T delivered some extra goodies with this update as well.

So you may ask, how did I revert back from 7390(nodo) to 7008(pre-nodo)? Well, it's actually easy. The Zune Software runs a backup of your current state whenever you do an update, so in this case I had one right before I updated to the generic 7390 update. I only had 7008 backed up instead of the much older 7004.

Now I have reverted to 7008 days ago, since Microsoft updated the Surround to "Scheduling" phase. I can see a prompt that an update is available to 7390 back then, and I suspect that is showing because I have debranded my device, and just today I have modified a CustClear.xml to add "ATT-US" thus rebranding my phone again.

Expecting that I shouldn't get any more update notifications, I still got one. I said, "Screw this, I'm going to wait for a few days when the official update comes out! I'll deal with this later." But then seeing the said tweet I realize that I could be having the official update. So I tried going through the update and one clue that it is the actual update, from the description I saw that itsays "HTC Update for Windows Phone" just like what it says on this screenshot from WPCentral:

So I continued the update,  and I think it took longer than a normal update, like more or less about 30 minutes, but viola! I finally got to the success screen:

Once it booted, another proof that I officially got the update is the new AT&T logo:

...and the before and after of the About page. Notice the updated firmware version:

My only problem with the new update is that the colors are set to 16bit.

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