Feb 26, 2013

Business cards!

I just want to show you these cool looking business card that I made for my dad's rent-a-van business. I printed them for 3 colors: black, blue and orange. But with some strange reasons the orange ones turned out pinkish in color. They still look great though, I actually borrowed my glass design  (*cough* vista ) from my intro movie, and it actually looks great in my opinion for print as well.

I know I said I only gave myself 2 days for this article that I am working on -- I failed. I didn't realize that it would be this long and complicated, that article. Plus, to give you a little bit of scope, there's also going to be a video! So it would definitely be taking me some more time. I'm about 70% done on the article and 0% on the video, and instead of making myself a deadline this time, I though I would just write small things from time to time to keep myself not stressing too much for no content on the site.

And if you look around the site -- yes, there is a small tweak in design. I particularly like the results on the nav bar up top and the featured posts slider on the homepage. I am still not finished on the design neither! I'll try to finish it within the day today. See you real soon.

Feb 23, 2013

New MichaelJacob.net Intro!

Hey, Michael here. Just a quick post today, showing you my newest intro that would be included on my future videos. I am currently finishing an article, which is about 25% done, and I only give myself tomorrow or the day after that to finish it. It's really a long article piece and to excite you a little bit, I think it can possible change something big. Oooohhh exciting isn't it. Anyway, I'll go for now, and enjoy the video after the break, as well as the breakdown on how I did it. Thanks and goodbye for now!

Feb 19, 2013

[Unfinished] The Evolution of Metro UI

Unfinished: Sometimes I start a blog post, I just cant finish it. But right now, I am desperate to provide content, I decided to publish an unfinished post that is sitting on this blog for almost 2 years. Last time I tried editing this one was August 11, 2011. This is what I wrote before, unedited with its outdated information. Thanks.

Microsoft calls it Metro UI -- The design language that can be found on Windows Phone 7 handsets today. Sure it introduced many unique features on Windows Phone 7, but Metro UI didn't just simply start there. It came from a lot of different older devices and software that has evolved throughout the years and what would later contribute to what would be its greatest form yet, which is on Windows Phone 7. So join me as I show you how this design language evolved through out the years and how it became such a phenomena that people like me are so addicted and so in love with this user interface.


Windows Media Center was the first to utilize this familiar UI.
Metro UI's basic principle and feature is to celebrate typography. You might think that the first device that had this principle is the first ever Zune -- which is understandable, since before Windows Phone 7, we can only see this typographic user interface on Zune devices. But you are wrong. On October of 2004, Microsoft released Windows XP Media Center Edition, which is a tweaked version of the fairly young Windows XP back then. One application that is included with the OS is the Windows Media Center -- in which you can see from the image to the right, has the first ever iteration of this iconic UI.

Feb 18, 2013

How to fix the obstructive Philippine Television

Watching TV is fun. I really like it. In fact, I actually like TV shows more than movies nowadays. But there's a growing problem that is happening in Philippine Television. Filipinos might not notice it as I do, but Philippine channels have been pushing it real hard lately to make sure you get distracted by all these obstructive logos, icons, and hashtags they flash on screen to make sure you can't watch what you really want to watch.

Don't know what I'm talking about? Or are you as frustrated as I am? Join me after the break for the guidelines on how we can solve these problems.

Feb 17, 2013

Welcome to the new MichaelJacob.net

Ladies and gentlemen -- the time has come again for a brand new design for MichaelJacob.net!!

I thought I would write up a post about it, and I admit there's not a lot of those lately, but I would make sure that I would be writing more often in the future. 

I've been working for the theme on this site for a good whole 3 days if not more! Not quite finished though, there are still some small things to fine tune here and there, but I quite like the new look, it's modern and minimalistic. I don't remember last time I changed the theme, I would assume though, my previous theme was since 2009! Do you already miss it?! Don't worry! Head on over the break to reminisce the old version of the site.

Feb 4, 2013

urbanears bagis review

It's been a month now since I left my job and having nothing to do for the past month is starting to bug me. So today, I decided to do a review of the Urbanears Bagis earbuds. Would you care to join?

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