Feb 26, 2013

Business cards!

I just want to show you these cool looking business card that I made for my dad's rent-a-van business. I printed them for 3 colors: black, blue and orange. But with some strange reasons the orange ones turned out pinkish in color. They still look great though, I actually borrowed my glass design  (*cough* vista ) from my intro movie, and it actually looks great in my opinion for print as well.

I know I said I only gave myself 2 days for this article that I am working on -- I failed. I didn't realize that it would be this long and complicated, that article. Plus, to give you a little bit of scope, there's also going to be a video! So it would definitely be taking me some more time. I'm about 70% done on the article and 0% on the video, and instead of making myself a deadline this time, I though I would just write small things from time to time to keep myself not stressing too much for no content on the site.

And if you look around the site -- yes, there is a small tweak in design. I particularly like the results on the nav bar up top and the featured posts slider on the homepage. I am still not finished on the design neither! I'll try to finish it within the day today. See you real soon.

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