Feb 4, 2013

urbanears bagis review

It's been a month now since I left my job and having nothing to do for the past month is starting to bug me. So today, I decided to do a review of the Urbanears Bagis earbuds. Would you care to join?

Note: I just plain copied The Verge. They're the best.

video review

design & fit

I actually couldn't remember when did I buy the Bagis, it was months ago, but my first impression of this thing is that it feels such a premium accessory. I bought it for around Php 1200, that's around 30 USD. You'll probably find it cheaper online. From the packaging, to the earphone itself, it definitely feels more expensive than it is.

I chose the orange model -- or what Urbanears calls "rust." Orange is not my favorite color whatsoever, but I found the model most fashionable to all the other color choices. And trust me, there are a lot of colors to choose from.

One unique thing about the design is that everything is colored on whatever color the model is. From the 3.5mm plug, to the ear bud tips themselves -- everything is colored orange. It's an unusual thing for headset manufacturers to have this kind of design choice. And I really like it.

The snap-to-join construction is another welcome addition for this headset, and it actually reminds me of my now-broken Zune Earbuds v2. But instead of magnets to join the earpieces, Bagis uses a male and a female piece to lock it into place (one has a hole and the other has a thing protruding in it).

It's easy enough to lock the two earpieces together, but you'll exert a really small force removing them apart. Don't get me wrong, it's not hard to remove them, and you'll hear an assuring pop once you have done it. I guess they made it strong enough so that people who wear it on their neck would not worry about it falling off, but I certainly had no reasons to wear it like that.

A bonus for them doing that is that you always know what is left and right just by feeling the piece that you have. Plus, it makes it look neat when you're not using it.

The cord of the Bagis is made out of two things: plastic and fabric. I really wish that they could have made it fabric all the way (again, as per my Zune earbuds), and it is the only thing that bothers me with this earphone, because from experience, plastic cord tends to break faster than anything else. And yes, unfortunately, it tangles.

The earphones themselves feel good in the ear. That's why I could never go back to standard earphones that are not in-ear as it hurts even just after a short period of use. It's definitely not the case with the Bagis. It's comfortable, fits super nice in my ear, and never fell while using it. Although I have not used it while running.


sound quality

The most important thing about an earphone is its sound quality. And my overall impression is great. I am satisfied how the Bagis sounded on my ears. And it is definitely louder than my previous earphones, but the noise isolation on this thing could be better. But, it is the best sounding earphone I have ever owned.

It boils down to your preference, but I think the bass of this earphone is just enough for my taste. Some people say it is a little bit low when it comes to bass, where I completely disagree. It delivers more bass than let's say, every Skullcandy earbuds I have  previously used.

And if you don't know, it has a microphone built-in for voice calls. They did not include an adapter for microphone jack for PC's, but it works perfectly for smartphones. I hear people more clearly and loudly than on my phone, and people understand me better while using the microphone on the Bagis.

other features

As I have said, it would have been awesome if they had an adapter for PC's for the microphone. I keep on hoping I can just use it when I do Skype calls instead of having another dedicated microphone. It has an adapter included in it (pictured above), and the manual said it is for older devices. I don't know what "older devices" it means but I doubt I would ever use it.

Then there is the button. I really like the button included in the Bagis -- it serves multiple purpose: to, of course, answer calls, to function as Google Now, Siri or even Microsoft TellMe (by pressing and holding it), and more importantly -- to control music. Whenever a song is playing, press the button, and it will pause. press it again and it will resume playing. Press it twice and it'll play the next song on the list. Pretty neat.

Although I keep wishing they could have added 2 more buttons -- for volume controls. I maybe asking too much.



All in all, I have never been so excited with an earphone before. If I have a good scoring system in this site I would have given it 8/10. It's a great score for an earbud, and even though this is the best earphone that I have had for a long while, it still has its flaws such as half of the cord is made in plastic, and the lack of PC support for the microphone, but I asked myself, is there any other earphone that supports an adapter? 

But, if you're looking for earphones that delivers great sound quality, looks good but doesn't cost much, and works with voice calls, I would really recommend the Urbanears Bagis. There's really not that many out there that has a fabric cord, snap construction, and a built-in microphone all together.

Got this earphone? What do you think of it? Say something in the comments! Thanks :)

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