Feb 17, 2013

Welcome to the new MichaelJacob.net

Ladies and gentlemen -- the time has come again for a brand new design for MichaelJacob.net!!

I thought I would write up a post about it, and I admit there's not a lot of those lately, but I would make sure that I would be writing more often in the future. 

I've been working for the theme on this site for a good whole 3 days if not more! Not quite finished though, there are still some small things to fine tune here and there, but I quite like the new look, it's modern and minimalistic. I don't remember last time I changed the theme, I would assume though, my previous theme was since 2009! Do you already miss it?! Don't worry! Head on over the break to reminisce the old version of the site.

I will surely miss this theme a lot. Anyway, What do YOU think? Do you like it? And oh, I decided to move to Facebook comments from Disqus. I think it's easier, faster, and people are probably already logged in when they're trying to comment. So I think it's worth the move.

See you on future posts!

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