Mar 30, 2013


I don't know why this is, but the same exact album costs 5 dollars less in the iTunes Philippine store than in the US. But anyway, I'll take it. I'm listening to the album right now.

Mar 29, 2013

Site Updates!

Hey, Michael here. Man, there's nothing to write about. I have something in mind that I really want to write about Windows 8, but I'm really enjoying doing nothing at home at the moment. I'll try my best to do that piece this week. And oh, for my Christian friends - Happy Holy Week. I particularly do not like this holiday, as I think it is overrated. The TV stations going dark, people all over the country travel somewhere else, really loud people reading the bible, and forcing people not eating meat. And oh, there's this tradition of bloody people walking in the streets -- like zomebies! Well, not really. 

Enough about holy week, I want to talk about my blog today. I have been tweaking the code and the theme a lot these past few weeks, and I think I am pretty happy with the current state of it right now. The thing with me is that I get really bored into a theme too easily that's why I always change it.

Mar 22, 2013

The Catholic Church Needs a Pope that Promotes Change

Photo by Christus Vincit from Flickr
Last week, the Roman Catholic church has elected a new pope, Pope Francis. He was elected because the pope before him resigned and was the very first one to do so for the past 600 years, as said by all news organizations in the entire world.

But if you do not know, I am an atheist -- and having a new pope actually do not affect me in anyway, or maybe a little bit, as when the white smoke appeared on TV, I was as excited as finding out who won a reality singing show. But after all of that, a whole week later, it seems like everybody has continued their lives as if nothing happened and everything's back to normal.

And I think that should not be the case. Catholics consider the Pope as a leader. And even if I am not a Catholic, I still see this position to be a powerful and a very influential person that can affect his followers. That's why I think it's time to have a new pope that has fresh new ideas, and can influence people to change their perspectives in this modern world.

Mar 10, 2013

[old post] Experiencing First Class Cinema

I am looking at my old blog posts on my old blog that should not be resurrected again, and happen to stumble upon this post. It's dated Oct. 20, 2008 and I basically documented a day with my sister in Thailand where we went to see a movie in this amazing movie theater that looks like a hotel. There are some funny English signs as well that we spotted that day which is still funny now. I wish I can watch a movie there again someday. Why don't we have anything like this in the Philippines?? Or do we have one that I don't know? Tell me!

Anyway, here's what I wrote five years ago, with all of my failed attempts at humor. Hop on over the end of the post to see better photos of Siam Pavalai that are online on this time period on the internet. Don't you love technology?

Mar 2, 2013

Why are Filipinos paying more for slow internet?

Weeks ago, there is a news article about Susan Crawford explaining why people in the United States are paying way more expensive internet connection and getting slower speeds compared to other countries globally. You should watch it, it's very informative and at least for me, it made me compare and contrast our state here in the Philippines. And what I found out, Filipinos are paying way more than Americans do, and I researched on how much more are we paying, how slow the internet connection are we getting, and most importantly, why are we not getting fast internet connection at home and what is the government doing to solve this?

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