Mar 10, 2013

[old post] Experiencing First Class Cinema

I am looking at my old blog posts on my old blog that should not be resurrected again, and happen to stumble upon this post. It's dated Oct. 20, 2008 and I basically documented a day with my sister in Thailand where we went to see a movie in this amazing movie theater that looks like a hotel. There are some funny English signs as well that we spotted that day which is still funny now. I wish I can watch a movie there again someday. Why don't we have anything like this in the Philippines?? Or do we have one that I don't know? Tell me!

Anyway, here's what I wrote five years ago, with all of my failed attempts at humor. Hop on over the end of the post to see better photos of Siam Pavalai that are online on this time period on the internet. Don't you love technology?

Experiencing First Class Cinema - Oct. 20, 2008

Ok so the most popular mall for first class people in Thailand is called Siam Paragon.
And oh. I happened to be there yesterday.
First let me show you Siam Paragon,


Big huh? You might remember that this is where MTV Asia awards last 2006.

So my sister promised me that we go to see a movie yesterday. And we did, even though I had this stinking cold, but anyway we still went. We planned to watch "City of Ember" which is out of 15 cinemas, it is only showing on Cinema 4, which is also known... "Siam Pavalai Theater"

Here is the front of that theater.

Aside from having a hotel like entrance, it also has a hotel like interior.


These few pictures above I only got them on the Internet, but I have pictures too, but pardon the quality, My sister only has a cheap cellphone. hahaha

Enjoy the showcase.

Image010 Image011 Image027 Image015

So we sat on the seats but few minutes later after my sister went to the restroom, the guy who checked our tickets told us that our seats are located upstairs.

So we went on this golden elevator just to get upstairs.
That's my sister on the elevator.

And then after the movie we went to eat at Sizzler. Sizzler have these delicious steaks and that comes with eat all you can salad! I mean the food there is so freaking delicious! Specially the cream of mushroom and the quail eggs. Eat All you can.

And on our way there, we have spotted some Engrish Funny!



haha I already submitted them to Engrish Funny, but I see they haven't added them yet.

This post is a train wreck, I cannot think right right know coz I'm terribly sick,  and I am really sorry.

Anyway, I enjoyed it last night, specially me and my sister bonded, James Bonded...
And I love the Coke Zero Zero Seven commercial. I'm addicted to Coke Zero. Great Taste With Zero Sugar.

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