Mar 29, 2013

Site Updates!

Hey, Michael here. Man, there's nothing to write about. I have something in mind that I really want to write about Windows 8, but I'm really enjoying doing nothing at home at the moment. I'll try my best to do that piece this week. And oh, for my Christian friends - Happy Holy Week. I particularly do not like this holiday, as I think it is overrated. The TV stations going dark, people all over the country travel somewhere else, really loud people reading the bible, and forcing people not eating meat. And oh, there's this tradition of bloody people walking in the streets -- like zomebies! Well, not really. 

Enough about holy week, I want to talk about my blog today. I have been tweaking the code and the theme a lot these past few weeks, and I think I am pretty happy with the current state of it right now. The thing with me is that I get really bored into a theme too easily that's why I always change it.
No new features though in this new update, just a lot of visual upgrades and most importantly -- this blog is now responsive! Responsive design means you don't need a separate site for any resolution sizes, i.e. a phone or a tablet -- hence the graphic I made above. You can check out this feature on your own, try re-sizing the width of your browser and the whole site should fit the content automatically.

Please let me take this opportunity to introduce a new page: Version history! It has been up for a while now, but it wasn't introduced, and what a better time to do that right now. Basically it's the changes that I have done on the site, fixes, and other optimizations. You can find the link on the version history at the very bottom of every page.

And there you have it! Just a quick update on what's up. Thanks, and be safe!

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