Apr 20, 2013

Hashtags on Facebook

Everyday, I am seeing Facebook status updates that look something like this:

I get it. Putting hashtags on something make you type a little less. You see your friends doing it, and it looks super cool. It's way shorter than probably saying it all in one paragraph:

But the problem is, hashtags do not work on Facebook. It never had. So, everytime you're typing something with a #hashtag in it, it doesn't make any sense.Or probably it does. Since, again, hashtags don't work on Facebook, you people made it evolve into something else. It no longer means that putting a hashtag to a topic that can trend on Twitter, no. It also no longer means that it is a clickable and a searchable entry to see other people's thoughts on the matter as well. You people had made hashtags to represent your current emotion, your current location, what you're eating, or any word that you thought of and combined yourself.

But why stop at number sign? There are plenty of symbols out there to chose from to put into your nonsensical statuses. Here are a few:

Those are some ideas for your next clever status updates. You're welcome.

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