Apr 21, 2013

Evolution of the Laboratory School Logo

I made a group on Facebook a long time ago for past and present students of my high school, Laboratory School. Every now and then, I would receive some notification for someone wanting to join the group. And everytime this happens, I would start missing all of the things I miss about high school.

But I am not here to talk about that. I am writing a blog today about the Evolution of the Laboratory School logo. And let me tell you right away, majority of these are not official. A lot of them as well are made by me, and I actually do not know any rules or how to make a logo official. I'm just making this for fun! Hope you enjoy.

Probably the first logo that was made for Laboratory School is the one pictured on the left. I remember this painted on the wall at the back of the covered court stage. Some uniforms had this logo as well (before it was changed to the TSU logo).

If memory serves me right, this logo has been unfortunately painted over and no longer there, because as you can see, it still sported "COE" or College of Education, and was removed when we were considered as a separate college (at least that's how I understand the logic).

The second logo on our list may not be technically the second chronologically, but I decided to make it second because it is painted as well like the first one.

An interesting thing about this logo is its color scheme. normally the LS logo includes blue and yellow, but for some reason, a red paint was used for this one. A stark difference as well from the old logo is the book symbol. I understand that the first logo doesn't have the greatest quality, but at least you can easily see that one of the symbols shown is a person reading a textbook. On this logo though, You can see a book, and... an ice cream cone.

You can see this logo on the school signage on the main building of our campus, although a recent picture took by my old classmate might prove that the paint has already faded:

As I have said, the second logo is not the next one chronologically, but our third logo might be.  I actually can't see any high-res version of this logo, and I actually recreated it for this article (you're welcome), based on a cached image that I googled which is the one on the right. You can also click the higher res version for an even higher res version of the high res version.

So, let's go back to that ice cream cone symbol. It might have not been an ice cream cone as I have interpreted it, but a pen. A pen and a book. It makes more sense.

And I just realized this, but going back to the first logo, it seems like the check mark is not originally a check mark at all! It's a bird flying through the fields, which should explain the horizontal lines.

it seems like the check mark is not originally a check mark at all! It's a bird flying through the fields, which should explain the horizontal lines.

The fourth one on the list is very similar to the third one, there are some minor adjustments on the color scheme, but other than that, the design remained the same.

Although I'm not sure if they were created by the same designer though, as even though the logos are again, very similar, the placement of the symbols and the horizontal lines and the deformed check mark makes me think that this iteration of the logo was created by a different person.

Our fifth logo on the list is the first logo I designed.

I created this logo around the time that we were creating our yearbook for the 2007 batch. The reason I created a new logo is because the one that were given to us was the previous one, and unfortunately, it has a very low resolution which is not going to be suitable for print.

I changed a lot of things on this logo, primarily the color scheme, and now, as you can see, the ice cream cone can now be correctly identified as a pen. Or a paint brush, I guess.

"The Orb" as I would love to call it, is the sixth logo in our list, and this one might be the closest to my heart. I created this logo back in 2008, and back then, Windows Vista is really popular, that's why I decided to base it upon that. This is also the first logo that was created with no official affiliation with Laboratory School, but still made it to the campus and was eventually used even without my knowledge. So maybe it was unofficially became official.

This is also the first logo to not have any texts in it, as I did not see it fit at the time that I was designing the logo. Putting the TSU and Lab School branding on the logo would make the design too crowded. Another reason for the removal is that it also became as the de facto logo for United LSians, a social network from Ning, that existed at the time. I miss United LSians.

Not everyone is happy from the removal of the words on the logo, and apparently, the webmaster of Tarlac State University's website thinks it should be brought back. So, as I was googling for results with regards for our logo yesterday, I saw this logo:

This Is An Abomination. I am just being honest. I'm really sorry for the designer who did this, but basically  what they did is that they flattened some things, removed the glass reflections, and added a silly font for the text. It looks like the font Jollibee uses for its logo. I just don't like it.

Again, I'm sorry.

This logo is currently being used as "Laboratory High School's" logo on the official TSU website. But when you click the logo itself, a pop up of my previous logo appears! I guess there's a bright side to this after all.

And finally, the last logo for today is the one that I created yesterday:

I created this one yesterday out of boredom, and this logo is just primarily for that Facebook group I have created. It would really be nice if it becomes the official logo again, that would be great.

The flat design brings us back to the basics with this logo, but it seems like design trends nowadays are also leaning towards the same route. Wouldn't it be cool if someone created an app, and it could look something like this:

Wishful thinking, I guess. But anyway, we've come to the end of our list. I sure do hope you enjoyed reading this and maybe learned a history or two. What is your favorite logo? I would like to know! 

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