Apr 6, 2013

My Cellphone History

The cellphone turned 40 last week and YugaTech asks what kind of phones have you owned in the past. Instead of just putting mine in the comment section of their blog, I decided to make my on blog post and some background story on my past phones. Let me start!

NOKIA 3530

Ladies and gentlemen, this is my first ever phone. The Nokia 3530. I got this phone in 2003 and it was my first year in high school. My school is a little bit far away that's why my parents decided that it was time to give me a new phone. I love this phone a lot, it's one of the first Nokia devices to have a color display -- all 96 x 65 pixels of it!

It supported Java games, which is really big back then, I remember being able to hack Globe's network to access its GPRS network for free. Those are good times. Simple times, but good times.

I honestly don't know what happened to this phone, I can't remember, it maybe lost, or given to other people. What I won't forget though, is this phone's funky-looking keypad. It's just amazing.

And I just realized this phone is the only Nokia phone that I have owned.


The rest of my high school years (around 2004-2007) I only sported the one and only Sony Ericsson T230. I don't know why I loved this phone so much, when the first one broke I bought an updated version of it, the T230i.

I wasn't really an active texter during those years that's why I did not mind this phone too much. It is actually really slow for a phone, specially for text messages, it takes around a second before you can input another character on your text message.

Sony Ericsson also has EMS (Enhanced Messaging Service), and what it is basically are some really great emoticons that animates, and it is not viewable on all phones that's why maybe it slowly died out. Emoji is the modern-day version of it.

It actually did not support Java, which is very frustrating to me that time, as it has games from a different programming language, called Mophun.

My fondest memory about this phone is it's attachable camera that can produce VGA quality photos.Thinking about this now feels ridiculous. An attachable camera?! WTF! Here's a sample picture that I took with that thing:

I actually don't know what happened to this phone as well. I moved to a different city in college and someone might have stolen it from my room.


I can't find the model or any picture of my actual phone, and this is the closest thing that I found on the internet.

I'm embarrassed to say, but my next phone is an unbranded, Chinese manufactured phone when I started college in 2007. My stepmom insisted that I should get this phone instead of a Nokia 5300. I admit, this Chinese phone offers more features than a 5300, but I wouldn't be too embarrassed to talk to you about this phone if I had gotten the 5300.

I loved this phone when I got it, you know, touch screens being so new and 2GB of memory(!), but the love faded too quickly, I suppose. I digged up an old blog post from my past blog, and I would let my 2007 self to tell you how much I hated this phone back then:
Oh yeah. I have a 2GB MP3 Touchscreen Video Camera Cellphone. Amazing huh? No. It's smuggled. It doesn't have a bluetooth, no infrared neither, its USB cable is defective, I lost the stylus (now I'm using keys), Headphones are unavailable because they don't have this kind of socket, its camera is 1280x960 but with poor quality, it has 'Paradise' menu which is on chinese that I don't get, its mp3 playlist is mixed up, no downloadable themes, no costumizable main screen, no downloadable games, I am stucked with two games that if you loose you will feel bad, its video player will not play if the video resolution is higher than 170x144, it has a big 'Beijing 2008' logo at the back that proves it is a total knock off, it's messages can't be stored on the 2GB memory so instead the phone has allotted only 150 messages + 25 SIM Memory so a total of 175 SMS of messages that you can store only. 5 kb of maximum MMS. No program download available, it only comes with 2 languages, chinese and english, plus when you're typing a message, caps lock will be so difficult to put because it has to travel through different chinese languages. It's not 3G, not supporting file types like .txt, .doc, .swf, etc. and lastly, It is the only kind of cellphone in the market, so I am stucked with these faded keypads.
I don't really know what happened to this phone (you might notice a trend here...), in fact, I think everything's a blur for quite a while back then, I actually did not have a phone for maybe around 3 years, I moved to Thailand, and then the US Virgin Islands, and my sister gave me her Nokia 3220 on route there, but I did not actually use it in the VI, so I decided to not count it.  Let's just move on, shall we?!


Fast forward in December 2010, I owned the Samsung Intercept. Gee, what a cool name. I got this phone from Virgin Mobile, and it actually was a good phone. It's the only phone I had with physical full-QWERTY keyboard, my first Android phone, and a decent camera phone. I was actually able to root it as well and install custom ROMS in it fairly easily.

What happened to this device is that I actually returned it. Before 30 days was up, I actually was able to return it, and my reason when the cashier asked me: I wasn't happy with it. It's true, it cannot run Angry Birds properly, and I can't bear Android 2.1 that it came with. Good thing that they weren't able to find out that I installed custom ROMs on this thing and still was able to return it.

I did a review on this phone, if you want to check it out.


This, my friends is possibly my most favorite phone of all time. I got it around January 2011, and boy, I was so happy when it finally came in the mail. 

It's one of the first Windows Phone 7 devices to be released, and having a brand new operating system from Microsoft that time is amazing. The hardware is killer as well. At 3.8 inches, at that time it is still considered as a large screen. One unique feature of the Surround is its sliding speaker, that would reveal a stand underneath. You won't find a lot of those nowadays.

I was also able to put custom ROMs on this thing, and before I traded it December of last year, it was sporting a very early build of Windows Phone 7.8. Good times, good times.

Read my review of the Surround, here.


Also known as the HTC Desire HD, this is the phone that I famously won from TechnoBuffalo, in Febuary 2011. I really want to thank those guys for this phone. How often can you win something this good?!

Having a 4.3 inch screen, 4G connectivity, 8MP camera, and Android 2.3, this phone is the most feature-rich phone that I have had at the time of owning it. The unibody aluminum construction is just a trend that the Inspire 4G started. It's slim, premium built quality, and having a 4.3 inch which is the prime standard for big screens back then, this might be the best phone that I had.

Unfortunately, I needed money one time and I let go of this phone. I sold it online. I still regret that decision today.


And we've arrived to the last phone on the list and what is currently my phone since December of last year. It has been launched way before I got the phone, but this phone actually still appeals to me even though of its age. The curved display, and this awesome way of removing the battery of this thing are two of the reasons why I bought it.

I actually can't stand Sense UI, and right now I have CyanogenMod 10 running 4.2 Jelly Bean and it works great (with some few bugs here and there), and it would probably be my device for quite a while until I get funds for my next one. 

And that's it! Not a long list of phones, surprisingly. But it's amazing how different my first phone is to my current phone. Makes you realize how far have we've achieved with regards to mobile technology: that's just 10 years difference.

Who knows what phones are going to be released in the next 10 years! I'm sure I'll be here to list them all over again. See you then!


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