May 7, 2013

Politicians have the slightest idea on how to run this country

I went to town two days ago and everywhere I go there are these banners and signs and different kind of ads for politicians, and even if you are someone who has no idea what the Philippines is, you'll immediately figure out that the election season is going on.

See, banners and signs are alright. They're there, and no one is forcing you to look at them. Loud vehicles that blast cheesy jingles of the politicians are annoying, but they're alright too, except if you're the one driving behind these campaign trucks. What really got in my nerves two days ago are these f*cking motorcades.

So, I was on my way home, riding a public bus we call "jeepneys," and everything seems to be going normal. At the town proper in Tarlac City, the flow of traffic is not the fastest, so I expected nothing unusual is happening.

As we approached the exit to the main road, the flow of traffic stopped moving. I was thinking the driver of the bus was just waiting for more passengers to load. But after 5, 10, 15 minutes , we're still not moving. And then, I began hearing an ascending political jingle. I realized we are stuck in this f*cking motorcade.

Let me talk about the campaign jingles for a second. I haven't heard any original composition or any catchy original beat for a long time -- not that I like jingles in general, I think they're mostly stupid.

Most of the jingle you hear nowadays are flat out copies of "Gangnam Style" or "Call Me Maybe." The worst that I have heard is this copy of a theme of a television show that actually gone off-air for years. I'm sure these jingles violated copyright laws of those songs and there's no one taking action on it. These are politicians, they should be passing laws, not violating them.

Going back to the motorcade, it started with these vehicles full of plastered banners and pictures of the politicians. They are then followed by these expensive looking cars and the politicians were in it. There's this smug-looking dude who is in a Ford Mustang and I never felt the urge to smash the windows of a car so bad in my life.

the use of celebrities on political campaigns are overused. are we filipinos that shallow?

I mean, I was thinking to myself, I am in a public bus, paying the minimum fare to get home, and other people are walking in the sun, sweating, while these politicians are enjoying themselves with their expensive cars and waiving to everybody. What does that mean for them?! I don't know. They definitely did not mean good for me.

Instead of flashing your expensive little car Mr. Running Corrupters, why won't you ride a jeepney one time. I would listen to what you say, and at the same time you can listen to what people are saying about you. People you're actually asking votes for.

It was then followed by a politician who even stood through his car's sunroof and was waiving and giving thumbs-up to everybody and giving his hand gesture. His hand gesture is a letter O, followed by a motion that simulates a hand job. I'm not kidding.

I think it's only here in the Philippines where political hand gestures are a thing. We all know Cory Aquino's iconic "L" gesture, that unfortunately became as the loser symbol. The index finger, the peace sign, and even the sign of the horns(or the "rock on" sign) were all attributed to political agendas before. Does this help the politicians gain votes? Probably. Does it help them be better candidates? No.

Following the motorcade are these two male celebrities that were standing at the back of a truck with some plywood decorations that look ridiculous. They were also shown enough on TV that I recognize them, but I don't know their names.

The strangers who were on the bus with me did not stop talking about the celebrities they just saw, and  never talk about the politician that the celebrities are endorsing. The use of celebrities on political campaigns are overused. Are we Filipinos that shallow?! I hope not. I would like to think that we Filipinos are smarter than that.

You might ask do I even have a point in all this? I do. I just hope that if you're gonna vote in this election, I hope you were not convinced by their jingles, the celebrity that endorsed them, or even their hand gesture. I do hope that you vote whoever desperately wants this country to get better, because that's what we desperately need.


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