May 24, 2013

The Pope wants unity: and that's what we need

Pope Francis said yesterday that even though we don't believe in a god, we should still be considered as good people. He further explained that all good people will be redeemed by Jesus and will live a prosperous afterlife and eventually we'll all meet one another in heaven.

Now, being an atheist, and being free from religious beliefs, his statement about heaven and being redeemed by a deity means absolutely nothing to me. I like to do good because that's the right thing to do. My moral compass is based on how our society can survive. It should be my best interest that I don't harm anyone, I don't exclude anyone, and I would really try to help anyone.

So even though the promise of afterlife don't appeal to me, I think the Pope and I share a similar goal: for humanity to be united.

In 2010, the previous pope, Pope Benedict XVI compared us Atheists to Nazis. Him saying that made me angry, and a lot of atheists like me got angry too. There's a stark difference of what Pope Francis is saying today about us atheist. He is accepting us as members of society,  but more importantly, he is encouraging his followers to accept anyone as well who do good, whatever their beliefs are.

I think this is a small step towards unifying ourselves. We shouldn't be separated into religious groups, we shouldn't be excluding anyone just because they don't have the same beliefs, and we shouldn't be harming each other. We are all humans.

We may not agree if god exists or not, but we all know that we exist. We should all keep it that way. We should all move forward as one, and support whatever will keep us moving forward into the next centuries, millennia, and beyond.

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