Jul 28, 2013

I'm freaking addicted to Dota 2.

Right around my last blog post, around two months ago, I don't even know why, but I started to download  Dota 2. I was looking for a really good game to play, as Skyrim pretty much became dull after beating Alduin (and my laptop started freaking lagging whenever I play it). Command and Conquer, the next iteration of one of my most favorite game franchise is yet to release their beta of the game. So I guess that's why I downloaded Dota 2.

I registered for the beta last year, I think. My rig back then wasn't able to cope up with the game, as well as my internet connection that I was using (a freaking USB dongle), so I wasn't able to play it that much. but now I have a somewhat stable connection at home, so Dota 2 is up and running.

Apparently my first game is Enchantress, and we lost. I hardly remember this game at all as I think I abandoned it, not because I wanted to, but because of my computer lagging.
I wasn't really a big Dota 1 fan, I've always dreaded the graphics, and the overall complication of things, as my friends were teaching me how to play it before.

But right now I am addicted to Dota 2. Way way wayyyy addicted to Dota 2. Valve just released the game to the public around 2 weeks ago, and right now, if you haven't installed it, you have to be on a waiting list before you can get right on the game. Good luck.

Wouldn't be a blog post if I didn't talk about my favorite heroes! Lich and Venomancer are my two favorite picks, as I usually play as support. Very rarely I carry with Venomancer, very very rarely.

I generally prefer ranged heroes than melees (because I'm a noob), but if I have to pick a carry it would be Sven. That stun is just inescapable.

Anyway, enough talking, if you want to play with me, please add me as a friend!

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