Mar 7, 2017

This Sony 4K TV is amazing and I want one! You probably want one too!


I have been a tech enthusiast my whole life and I can confidently tell you when something is good. Today we're looking at the Sony BRAVIA X8000D HDR 4K TV. That's a mouthful, but don't worry, I will be telling you all about it and make sure that you are gonna be excited for this product too!


Just look at this thing. It's almost completely just the screen itself. There are two configurations of this model, a 43 and a 49 inch to suite your needs. I can't stress how subtle those bezels are. They're almost nonexistent. You don't have to be distracted by anything else while you're watching. None of those big black bezels and stickers that other HDTV's have.

I also like that this TV is flat, and none of those curved screen gimmicks. Believe me, you'll want a TV that is flat and has a great viewing angle so that a lot of people in your family can enjoy your weekly movie nights.


This Sony TV is 4K and HDR ready. That means that this TV is capable of playing the best picture quality offerings of today. HDR or High Dynamic Range provides you richer and more vibrant colors that's better than real life. Granted there are still a small amount of 4K and HDR content currently, but a lot of content providers are creating more and more content that's in 4K HDR. Just imagine your grandkids and grandkids of your grandkids will still be able to use this TV. That's how future-proof this is.

"Just imagine your grandkids and grandkids of your grandkids will still be able to use this TV.
That's how future-proof this is."

A lot of smartphones are becoming more and more capable of capturing 4K videos, and there's no better way to show off your kid's videos to family members than in this TV.

Your young loved ones can also take advantage of the big 43 or 49 inch display while gaming. This TV is well suited for your PlayStation 4's and even the XBOX One.


Having a smart TV today is a must, and the Sony BRAVIA TV takes it a few steps further. Not only this TV is powered by Android TV, where you can download and install apps on the Google Play store without any worries, this TV also communicates easily with all of you and your family's smart devices, Android and iOS devices alike. Family photos, instant. Stream YouTube, instant. Netflix binge watching, instant. Play games, instant. There's just no other family entertainment system that can be this versatile.

And since it is powered by Android TV, it can also play a bevy of video and audio file codecs via USB. So if you just wanna go old school and play your content via plug and play, this TV also got you covered. You don't even have to get a separate media player for it, it's so simple.

So there you have it! There are a lot of reasons to choose the Sony BRAVIA X8000D HDR 4K TV. It's the perfect TV for bonding with family everyday. It doesn't even hurt the bank for its price. It starts at Php 43,749 for the 43 inch model, and you can find out how you can buy yours right here.

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