Apr 10, 2017

An open letter to my stepmom

Hello. Before we start please please donate and share my sister's gofundme page. We really need the help we can get. Thank you.

An open letter to my stepmom

We haven't spoken for a very long time, but I think you know why. You think I am this rebellious person who is ungrateful and means you harm. Can you seriously think of one instance that I hurt you? I can't. Sure, I answer back to you in a disrespectful way, but it is just because I was wanting to get away from you. I was depressed. I was suicidal living with you. You never cared about my feelings. All you knew was that you are this hardworking provider that I dare to be disrespectful to.

You brainwashed me. You brainwashed all of our family. You told me that my real mom and her relatives are bad people. You made it look like she was dead on the adoption papers so that you can steal us away from her. You told us that my mom stole money from you and told us to ignore our relatives that supported her. I believed you. We went to family gatherings feeling as if it was a war zone trying to avoid family members that you are not friends with.

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