Apr 10, 2017

An open letter to my stepmom

Hello. Before we start please please donate and share my sister's gofundme page. We really need the help we can get. Thank you.

An open letter to my stepmom

We haven't spoken for a very long time, but I think you know why. You think I am this rebellious person who is ungrateful and means you harm. Can you seriously think of one instance that I hurt you? I can't. Sure, I answer back to you in a disrespectful way, but it is just because I was wanting to get away from you. I was depressed. I was suicidal living with you. You never cared about my feelings. All you knew was that you are this hardworking provider that I dare to be disrespectful to.

You brainwashed me. You brainwashed all of our family. You told me that my real mom and her relatives are bad people. You made it look like she was dead on the adoption papers so that you can steal us away from her. You told us that my mom stole money from you and told us to ignore our relatives that supported her. I believed you. We went to family gatherings feeling as if it was a war zone trying to avoid family members that you are not friends with.

You had so much enemies that I think you couldn't bear it anymore that's why you left the country. You moved to an island thinking that you can start over there. Eventually you took me with you. I was depressed everyday. You got angry with me with the simplest things and you hurt me. I was suicidal and I was hoping that I get killed on one of your beatings. You defended your brother when he punched me. You wanted me to pretend to be happy in front of your friends. You were always violent with me and every memory I have with you is your angry face hitting me. I can't help it, I wanted to forget you.

I have forgotten you. For the past five years living without you were the happiest days of my life. I was free and living. I was not suicidal. I learned that I was not a bad person. I wanted you to continue your life in peace, as I hoped you wanted that for me as well, and for my family.

But now you're denying the guardianship rights of Annie to my sister. Annie is my sister's daughter, you just can't deny that. You were able to brainwash my sister in giving you the rights in the first place, but then you treated her badly. Do you know how bad that sounds on paper? You treat someone nicely in the beginning, and once you got what you wanted, you vilify them. You were good at brainwashing people, I saw it myself. You faked the divorce papers with my dad and married someone in the island so that you can get your green card, but that someone had kids, and I witnessed how you talk to them badly about their mother. I can't believe how history was repeating itself.

I wanted you to continue your life in peace,
as I hoped you wanted that for me as well,
and for my family.

You now moved away from the island and went somewhere else.  I just can assume that you have made enemies again that's why you needed to move. You make living with you so unbearable that people that love you, leave you. My dad felt that he was your servant, my little brother left for the military because he can't take it anymore, and my sister left you because you assumed the worst of her. I know you think that we're all ungrateful, but at least for me, if I continued living with you and bear all the things you did to me, I would have successfully killed myself.

I'm really afraid that Annie will grow up resenting you as I did. I'm afraid that she will grow up fantasizing how it would have been if you haven't entered her life. I'm afraid that she will hear the stories you will make up about my sister so that Annie would hate her. That's what you will do, I know it, because I have lived it.

Annie needs people that really love her. I know in your mind you love her and all of the reasons you have in denying her to my sister are just justifications that you have created so that you can sleep at night. My sister is not perfect but she is a good person. She will do everything to protect Annie, including protecting her from you.

I felt the need to write this letter as I am hopeless. I am thousands of miles away and I can't do anything. So please, I beg you. Give up the rights. It will be the right thing to do. I know it is hard being unable to have your own children, but there are right ways to do so. You can adopt children that are really in need of a parent. Annie has a loving parent, and it is not you. You are causing a lot of pain, time, and resources for the actions that you are doing that you think are right. Let us live in peace. I want you to live in peace as well. But you can't do that when you're hurting someone.


For everyone else, thank you for reading. There is a scheduled court date in June for Annie's custody and we really need the help we can get. Please donate and share: https://www.gofundme.com/help-bring-annie-home-to-her-mommy

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