I'm Michael Jacob, 23 years old as of writing, born and currently living in the Philippines. Welcome to my About page! There's just a lot of blogs that I read online and it seems like an about page is necessary, so here you are, reading mine. Thanks for doing that!

So, how do I start this thing? Let's see.

I started blogging around 2004, around my second year in high school. Blogging was not a common word back then, as well as Blogger, Tumblr, or Wordpress -- if they already existed in 2004, they were not popular.

I was the first person to have uploaded pictures of my classmates online and this was a time where no Facebook or Instagram that allowed you to do that. It was like a breakthrough to us young teens back then, and it seemed pretty cool.

here's to reminiscing the good old days 

Unfortunately my very first website is now offline. Thankfully though Wayback Machine cached a portion of the site in 2005. Here it is!

Around 2008, I left the Philippines and went to Thailand to live with my sister. She is an elementary school teacher, and with my whole one year of stay there, I learned a lot, learned a few (like a handful few) of Thai words, learned their culture, and eventually realized that I was an atheist.

I was always curious as a child, always asking questions, and at a young age, I contemplated about what is called "Problem of other Minds," in which basically I am constantly asking, "Why am I me? why do I experience the world as me, and not anyone else?"

Right now I'm enjoying life, I'm also unemployed, but enjoying life. Hey, if you know something or somewhere I can work, feel free to comment below or hit me up on any of the social media networks that you prefer.

If you would like to donate, please do! Thanks.

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jehzlau said...

"I'm also unemployed, but enjoying life." Meeeee tooo! :D Hahaha... Just stumbled by while googling something that I found in your blog.

And oh, astig you're using blogger.com. Very nice custom blogspot theme... ^__^

Anonymous said...
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Benedict said...

Hi Michael,

Found your site in the SERPs for some specific keywords. We have an opening for a content writer position for MoneyMax.ph. If you're interested to apply, just email me your CV at benedict@moneymax.ph.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael Jacob,

I saw your video on Slow Internet Speed in the Philippines. First of all, that was really cool.

It's very informative and fun to watch.

Can I just ask a question?

I just want to know what software did you use to make that one?

I've been looking for a software like that so I can also use it to my Projects in school or other things.

Thanks a lot.

-Jan Navarro

john sincioco said...

Nice nice :D Its good to see someone with the same goal of revelations.

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