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Welcome, humans! If you arrived to this page, you're awesome!

Version 2.7.5 -- July 24, 2016

Change: Wow! More than 3 years without any updates.
Fix: Share buttons fixed misalignment with Twitter and Google Plus
Change: Updated behavior of frontpage featured stories. Hovering the titles should animate it on the center of the image.
Change: Changed border line on the nav bar from orange to blue.
Change: Modified navigation bar on smaller devices, instead of displaying as a list, they display as inline
Planned: Planned revamp of Videos page. Videos page may be unavailable.

Version 2.7 -- May 2, 2013
Change: Fixed header bar up top. lessen the height of the header as well to 50px.
Change: Change the font of the Page Title to Segoe UI Light
Change: Changed the featured post design on the homescreen. Applied responsive design as well.

Version 2.5 -- Mar. 29, 2013
Change: Major redesign: Homepage slider, Header background, Responsive layout, navigation bar now inline with the logo,
Optimization: Reduced XML footprint from 175kb to 85kb.
Change: Roboto font on Safari and IE, due to inability to properly use Font-Face.
Change: All previous revisions are changed under 2.1.x. for minimal changes.


Version 2.1.5 -- Mar. 09, 2013
Change: Added a slide animation on the header every time a page loads.
Change: Updated Donate page.

Version 2.1.4 -- Mar. 07, 2013
Change: Video Section is now a full sized page.
Bug Fix: Fixed jQuery conflicts with navbar and video section page.

Version 2.1.3 -- Mar. 07, 2013
Bug Fix: Fixed incompatibility on footer section with IE
Bug Fix: Fixed opacity problem on featured post slider and fixed pause icon.
Change: Rearranged sidebar sections.

Version 2.1.2 -- Mar. 06, 2013
Change: Header logo and post title hover animation improved. "Hover off" state animated as well.
Bug Fix: Sidebar images bump up as well even if not in the homepage.
Bug Fix: Sub-menus not displaying.

Version 2.1 -- Feb. 26, 2013
Change: NavBar Icons modified. No longer following the DIN font, added "Home" and "Videos" icon as well.
Feature: Added Featured articles slider on the homepage.
Feature: Advertisements.
Change: Removedborder at the bottom of post titles and sidebar titles.


Version 2.0 -- Feb. 17, 2013
Change: Theme design updated based on Oustine theme. Heavily modified for minimalism.


Version 1.xx -- Before Feb. 17, 2013
Note: The original theme. Heavily influenced by Windows Phone.



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